My best friend doesn’t know his younger brother is my son – Man shares bizarre revelation


A young man has left social media buzzing with reactions after he took to the platform to share a rather shocking story of betrayal of friendship.

Amongst the series of bizarre stories on social media, that of a man identified as Matt Mogotlane, seems to take the cake at the moment. In the trending “o jewa ke eng” tweet, he revealed the shocking news of how he got his best friend’s mother pregnant.

According to him, the best friend is unaware that his younger brother is not from the same father. In his words: “7 years ago I got my best friend’s mom pregnant, till this day my best friend still doesn’t know that his younger brother is also my son.”

See tweet below:

The post immediately went viral with over 37,000 retweets and over 13,000 likes in two days. While many people were shocked by the level of betrayal and disrespect, others were too stunned to accept it was true.

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In an interesting turn of events, another young man took to the platform to reveal his younger brother looks and behaves like his best friend, hinting on the possibility of the boy being his best friend’s child.

He wrote: “My younger brother looks so much like my best friend and acts like him, I got a picture of him with my best friend and I’ve been investigating and I’m 80% sure he’s the father. He’s 6.”