Married British minister resigns after thousands of sex texts sent to women leaks – See screenshot of the chats (PICS)


Married Conservative British minister Andrew Griffiths, 47, has been forced to resign after more than 2,000 sex texts messages were sent to a 28-year-old barmaid named Imogen Treharne and her friend were revealed.

In the thousands of texts, Mr Griffiths asked the women to send him explicit photos and videos. He also gave £700 to the women and offered to rent a flat to meet them for sex.

Mr Griffiths was formerly Theresa May’s chief of staff. He is understood to have sent the masses of messages over a period of just three weeks after he became friendly with the women on social media.

The crude texts included messages such as: “I’m going to need something filthy to put a smile on my face. I want to see you both naked.”

Another read:

“I’m thinking maybe we need a flat for Daddy’s girls. I’m taken by you both. You girls are spectacular.”

He also bragged to the women that he was powerful in politics and referred to himself as “daddy” in multiple texts.

In one example he said: “Daddy’s busy running the country.”

After the texts emerged, the Burton MP apologised and resigned as a Minister in the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy.

Married British minister resigns after thousands of sex texts sent to women leaks lailasnews 2

In a statement he said:

I am deeply ashamed at my behaviour which has caused untold distress to my wife and family, to whom I owe everything, and deep embarrassment to the Prime Minister and the Government I am so proud to serve.

He went on to apologise to his local Conservative Party and to his constituents in Burton, adding:

I do not seek to excuse my behaviour and will be seeking professional help to ensure it never happens again.

In time I hope to earn the forgiveness of all those who put their trust in me and that I have let down so terribly.